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The Right Choice

When it comes to insulation you need to make the right choice – a high quality, environmentally friendly insulation that saves money. Take Comfort in choosing the best insulation from Therm-O-Comfort.

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If you are an individual, non-profit organization or company wishing to earn extra income or generate funds for your project or activities, Therm-O-Comfort would like to speak with you. Paper can either be dropped off at our manufacturing facility in St Thomas or we can arrange pick up service (some conditions apply). Call today.


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Hybrid Insulation Systems

Get the sealing qualities of foam and cost effective thermal and sound control properties of Therm-O-Light.

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Our cellulose insulation products are:

Effective - Our products have a high R-Value which does not deteriorate as outside temperatures drop. Designed to form a continuous and seamless high density blanket with no gaps or voids, they also provide superior resistance to air leakage. Combined with exceptional sound proofing qualities only found with high density fibrous insulation, our products provide the best overall comfort and performance.

Environmentally responsible - Made with 100% wood fibre obtained from recycled paper products such as newsprint, our cellulose insulation products are environmentally sound and sustainable.

Extremely Safe - Treated with a special blend of fire retardant additives, your home or building will be protected against fire, insects, mould, mildew, and rot. Unlike man-made mineral fibre products, the wood fibres used in our products are safe and non-irritating.

Economical - Owners will not only pay a lower initial installed cost but save more on their heating and cooling bills resulting in a quicker payback and greater overall energy savings.

Highest Quality - Using only the highest quality recycled paper, our products are installer friendly and provides the best coverage on the market. Through our comtiment to third party testing and the ISO 9001 quality assurance program, consumers can be reassured products meet or exceed all applicable product standards and building codes.

Customer Service - Therm-O-Comfort has built a reputation of taking care of customers from start to finish. From manufacturing through to after sales support, Therm-O-Comfort is with you every step of the way.