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Let Therm-O-Comfort assist you in your next building or renovation project. Whether it's topping up your attic or sound proofing the floor above your basement, Therm-O-Comfort can provide you with the right advice or installer referral to get the job done properly. We can provide you with the resources to make smart decisions about your insulation needs, along with detailed project instructions and installation tips.

Easy to install, our Type 1 blowing product is the perfect DIY product for the average person with a basic knowledge of building construction. For attic applications the process is quite simple. Material is loaded into the hopper of a blowing machine and and an installer located in the attic space blows the material to the desired thickness onto the attic floor. The process is quick and inexpensive compared to batt insulation. There are no bags to carry into the attic space or cutting or splitting batts to fill irregular or tight places. Equipment is simple, easy to operate and available through most building supply yards, dealers or rental stores.

Walls and floors can be easily insulated with our Type 1 blowing product and by making a few adjustments, the same blowing equipment can be used for both applications. Although the process of blowing walls and floors requires more attention to detail, it can be accomplished by the average person. Whether drilling holes and filling existing cavities or blowing into cavities covered with netting, attention must be paid to ensure enough material is packed into the cavity. The process called "dense packing" is required to ensure the product does not settle over time. By monitoring the actual usage of material to the theoretical is the best means to ensure sufficient material is used. Consumers performing their own work are encouraged to ask their local dealer for detailed installation instructions prior to starting work.