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Manufactured Housing

As a Manufactured Home Builder you take pride in the fact that you are providing customers with a higher quality product over site manufactured housing. Not only are your products manufactured in a controlled, comfortable and supervised environment, you can operate more efficiently with less waste and fewer labour resources. With so many positive attributes it's only natural that you select a dependable product. Therm-O-Comfort's Type 2 spray applied products fit the bill. Manufactured with internal binders and intended to be applied with water, our products:

  • Can be quickly and easily installed by a single operator
  • Install at very high production rates. It can be applied in as little as 20 minutes for a 500 sq.ft. unit
  • Large package size (15.9 kg) for quick loading of hopper
  • Is very clean and generates very little dust
  • Comprehensive product warranty which includes excessive settlement
  • We provide field support equipment for top-ups and units requiring on-site insulating


 As the manufacturer, we provide our clients with:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Next day delivery service
  • Trailer Drops
  • Equipment packages specifically designed for your production needs
  • Full technical support
  • POP advertizing materials
  • Co-op advertizing program

We are so confident our products are right for your operation that we will visit your facility and provide a no obligation full scale on-site demonstration.