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  • Protecting the environment
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility
  • Health/Safety


Cellulose fibre insulation has always been the choice of building supply dealers. It is more cost effective than fibreglass (both batts and blown). Unlike blown fibreglass insulation, which requires special instructions and skills to ensure the correct amount of material is used for a given thickness, it is quicker and easier for customers to install. Complimenting this, we provide comprehensive instructions for your customer, ensuring the product is installed properly. In order to make certain our building supply dealers succeed, we provide:

  • Larger package format for easy handling by consumers
  • Stretch Wrap, palletized format for easy in-store handling and warehousing
  • In-store merchandising. Product knowledge sessions by skilled personnel
  • Attractive and comprehensive POP Materials
  • Co-op advertising program
  • Blowing equipment program which includes low cost repair and maintenance services