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At Therm-O-Comfort we are truly concerned about protecting our natural environment and pride ourselves on being one of the most environmentally responsible companies.

Not only do we produce an insulation product with the highest pre and post consumer recycled content of any insulation, our insulation reduces the heating and cooling requirements of the structure, which in turn conserves non-renewable energy resources and reduces the greenhouse gas load on the environment.

Made with natural wood fibre our products are produced through the process of photosynthesis which captures and removes atmospheric carbon (greenhouse gases). Other man-made insulations exacerbate the global warming problem by producing large quantities of greenhouse gases during their manufacture.

The use of our product also helps conserve our non-renewable resources as the embodied energy required to produce cellulose fibre insulation is the lowest of any other insulation.

Reducing the burden on our landfills is another environmental feature of our product. Paper fibres used in our products are permanently diverted from municipal solid waste streams, which in turn reduces the burden on landfill sites. In North America it is estimated that over 1,000,000 tons of waste paper is diverted from landfill sites every year.

From a sustainability perspective our product is truly the only choice. It is derived from a renewable resource which through sustained forest management practices can be produced in perpetuity with no detrimental effects to our natural environment.

If you feel as strongly about protecting our natural environment as we do, consider choosing our products the next time you need insulation.