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Crawl Spaces

At a fraction of the cost of spray foam, Therm-O-Spray is a fast and efficient way to insulate unfinished basements and crawl spaces.

Therm-O-Spray is specially formulated and treated for tough basement and crawl space environments. It is very easy to apply and is a fast and efficient alternative to spray foam and fiberglass blanket insulation.


  • Uniform blanket protection for maximum thermal efficiency
  • R-Values of R-24 easily obtained
  • Will not support mould growth and protects the home against mould and mildew odours
  • Does not off-gas or require special fire protection measures


A moisture barrier is applied to the foundation wall and is secured and held in place with acoustical caulking and strapping.

A bottom plate is ramset or secured with tap cons to the footing or slab.

Insulation is sprayed directly onto the moisture barrier to the desired thickness.


Vapour barrier (if required) is applied and secured to the underside of the subfloor, joists and bottom plate.