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Therm-O-Barrier is a cellulose fibre based fire protective coating specifically formulated for application over sprayed polyurethane foam plastics (SPF) having a nominal density of 2.0 pounds per cubic foot (pcf). Upon spray application to interior foam surfaces on walls and ceilings, Therm-O-Barrier forms a well adhered, monolithic barrier against heat and fire and provides additional thermal performance (R-Value) to the building envelope. Its thermal performance is equivalent to 1" of foam making it a more economical choice over other thermal barrier products.

Therm-O-Barrier is co-sprayed with Therm-O-Bond (water based adhesive) and does not require additional pretreatment of surfaces with a bonding agent or the addition of accelerators to improve yield and set characteristics. It is applied to the required thickness in a continuous uninterrupted operation. This results in an efficient, low cost operation that meets building code and insurance requirements.

In developing Therm-O-Barrier, Therm-O-Comfort utilized its experience and technology as a major producer of Type 1 and Type 2 cellulose fibre insulation products. Sales and technical service personnel are located in Ontario and can provide technical support to contractors, owners and specifiers anywhere in Canada.