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At Therm-O-Comfort we take pride in our operation. We use only quality ingredients, state of the art equipment and highly trained employees. We have designed our manufacturing system not only to be highly productive but to produce a high quality product which you can consistently rely upon.

Although the process of making insulation from paper may not appear to be complicated, it is quite involved and does require the use of highly specialized equipment. The process itself can be broken down into the following steps,

  • Various grades of recycled paper are sorted and mixed together with a skid steer loader.
  • Paper is loaded onto a conveyor where it is passed through magnetic separators.
  • The paper is coarsely chopped through a hog type mill.
  • The chopped paper is then shredded to a uniform paper size using a sizing mill.
  • The shredded paper is then passed through an air separator to remove other fine contaminants such as staples and sent to a large storage bin.
  • Process controllers then meter the prepared paper and pre-pulverized fire retardants into a disk refiner which blends and reduces the materials into a light fluffy state.
  • The finished insulation is then conveyed to the packaging system and compressed into compact rectangular bales.
  • The packaged product is then either sent to the warehouse or loaded directly onto trailers.

The process from start to finish is quick and efficient and due to its degree of automation is not labour intensive. Due to our high production capacity we are able to quickly service your needs with minimal lead times. If you have any further questions or comments feel free to contact our technical department.