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Product Data

At Therm-O-Comfort we manufacture our products to the highest standard with the philosophy that safety and performance must go hand-in-hand. That's why we are ISO registered and manufacture our product to meet or exceed all federal regulations and product standards.

In Canada, all cellulose insulation products sold to the public must meet, Federal Regulations SOR 79-732 of the Hazardous Products Act, Chapter 417 of the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act. Additionally, for products used under both Part 3 and Part 9 of the National and Provincial Building Codes, they must meet CAN/ULC S703, CAN/ULC S102 and CAN/ULC S102.2.

In the US products must comply with Federal Regulations CPSC 16 CFR parts 1209 and 1404, FTC 16 CFR part 460. Under the building codes, products must also meet the CPSC standard as well as ASTM E-84 for smoked developed. For compliance to the CSPC standard manufacturers may test in accordance with either ASTM C-739 or ASTM C-1149.

To ensure we satisfy these requirements, all our insulation has been tested by independent laboratories to the applicable product standards for Thermal Resistivity, Design Density, Flammability, Flammability Permanency, Smouldering Resistance, Moisture Vapour Sorption, Corrosiveness, Fungal Resistance, Separation of Chemical. Our spray products meet or exceed the requirements for Cohesion/Adhesion, Air Erosion, Bond Deflection, Added Water and Settlement for stabilized products.

Whether used in Canada or the US, our products meet or exceed all regulatory and building code requirements.

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