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Health & Safety

Our products are made from cellulose, the single most abundant organic molecule in the biosphere. Cellulose touches all aspects of our lives and is essential for life. Not only is it a food source for animals, it provides us with clothing and shelter (building products). The most abundant form of cellulose is fibre which provides plants with structure and a vascular system. There are two classes, vegetable and wood fibre. Our products are made from wood fibre acquired from recycled paper and paperboard products. We refine the paper with special processing equipment which mixes the fibre with a special blend of inorganic borate and sulphate salts. These salts are common ingredients in other household items such as eye washes, fertilizers and soaps.


Our insulation products do not contain glass fibre, rock wool fibre, formaldehyde, or other ingredients that can cause adverse health effects. It is a safe and non-irritating alternative to man-made mineral fibres which are known to irritate both the respiratory tract and dermis.

To avoid inhalation of nuisance dust during handling and installation, you must still take adequate precautions. Ensure a NIOSH N95 approved dust mask is worn during the handling and installation process as well as appropriate eye and skin protection (i.e. work clothes, gloves and safety glasses).

For more information or a copy of our MSDS please send us a request by clicking here.