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No matter what type of project you’re working on, Therm-O-Comfort has an effective solution to your insulating needs.



Designing and engineering structures to service such a wide variety of uses and environments can be challenging and may require the use of several different insulating materials. Our products simplify the insulating process and are treated to protect the structure, regardless of the construction material or application.

Our products are a more cost-effective solution than many insulation alternatives and are easily and quickly applied to most structures, cavities, or surfaces.

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Commercial Applications

Roof Insulation

For enclosed flat roof applications requiring ventilation (i.e.: cold roof applications), insulation is pneumatically injected under sufficient pressure to fill the cavity without over compressing. In doing so, the product is allowed to naturally settle (approx. 10%), creating a ventilated void space above the insulation.

For non-ventilated spaces (hot roof), the same injection process is employed but with greater pressure. This results in the cavity being completely filled with material compressed to its non-settling state (3.0p.c.f).

Sloped roof construction can be designed with an open attic space over a sloped or flat ceiling or designed as a ventilated cathedral ceiling. Roof systems containing open attic spaces are by far the most common and are very easily and quickly insulated with our blown-in product.

For enclosed cathedral systems, blown-in insulation is also suitable, provided the material is injected under adequate pressure to compress the material to its non-settling state. It must be noted that cathedral ceilings should be ventilated along the length of the rafter, from the soffit to the ridge, using a foam or cardboard air shoot.

Floor insulation

Therm-O-Comfort’s products offer insulation solutions for all flooring applications. It can be easily sprayed to the underside of concrete slabs, up to 4” thick, or blown into open web steel or wood joist cavities, provided a netting supported by channels or furring is in place.

Our products are also suitable for in-floor radiant heating systems. Underfloor heating is now recognized as one of the most efficient and cost-effective forms of domestic heating.

For maximum efficiency, it requires effective insulation beneath the heating elements to minimize heat loss downwards into the structure and to reflect the heat upwards into the room.

Many heating contractors installing radiant floor systems already make use of the high-performance characteristics of Therm-O-Comfort’s applications.

Wall Insulation

Commercial construction commonly uses steel stud framing members with exterior insulation sheathing filled with preformed mineral fibre cavity insulation. Whether blown or sprayed, our product can be used in place of batt insulation.

For blown insulation, netting is applied and secured to the face of the stud through application of an acoustical resilient channel or steel furring. The acoustical channel also provides the occupants with greater privacy.

Open Surfaces

For open wall surfaces that have not been specifically covered, the product is simply spray applied with an adhesive. Specially formulated with a high tack adhesive system, the product will remain in place even in aggressive industrial environments.

This application makes the product ideally suited to acoustical applications such as nightclubs and athletic facilities.