• Saving energy
  • Protecting the environment
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility
  • Health/Safety

Not all companies are the same!

Choosing the right company is as tough as choosing the right insulation. The cost of removing and replacing a poor insulation product is difficult and often prohibitively expensive. Not only do you want a product you can count on but a company that stands behind their products with a comprehensive warranty. That is why you should consider Therm-O-Comfort and our products.

Established in 1977 Therm-O-Comfort has been in operation for over 30 years producing high quality cellulose fibre insulation. Located in Southern, Ontario we are an ISO 9001 registered company dedicated to addressing the issues most important to building owners, designers, contractors and occupants. Quality, service, flexibility, environmental responsibility and health and safety are the objectives we share with you.