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As a builder, the quality of the products used in your homes will reflect on you. You need to ensure that the products you chose will deliver the stated performance and deliver other attributes attractive to your customer. Our product provides your customers with the added benefit of protecting the structure and living environment against mould and wood rotting fungi, insects including ants, termites and cockroaches. It is more resistant to rodent activity than fibreglass products. Our products are also the most environmentally friendly and sustainable of any insulation products.

As building codes becoming progressively more complex, this is reflected in the construction industry. New materials and techniques are continually introduced, which has made the whole process rather complex. As a builder it is sometimes difficult to choose the best material and construction technique. Insulation is one of those areas which has become increasingly complicated. Products range from blown to sprayed fibre, sprayed polyurethane, preformed glass and rock wool batts and rigid polystyrene and polyisocyanurate boards.

At Therm-O-Comfort we simplify the process. Between our blown and sprayed fibre we can insulate every part of the structure including attics, above grade and basement walls, sloped ceilings, cathedral ceilings, rim joists, drop garage ceilings. Our product have few limitations and can be used in fire separations between multi-dwelling units.